Many Buurtzorg teams have contacts with one of the 17 Dutch national 'universities of applied sciencess' (Dutch: HBO-instellingen) who offer nursing studies. These contacts usually arise from local projects or placing (nursing-)students. It is necessary for teams to maintain these contacts as they see fit and locally needed.

  • Employees of universities of Applied Sciences who are interested in research can contact local teams. 
  • Teams who wish support in research activities with a university of applied science; please contact other teams or  Buurtzorgemployees from the expert-network through our online Community, ‘research’ group and the Learningplatofrm.

Additionally, for all research which would need a considerable amount of teams and/or clients, or for which WMO-rules apply (Dutch law on medical scientific research with human beings) please contact us. When is a study WMO-obliged? Tip:

METC Twente, WMO plichtige studies

Centrale Commmissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek

*(WMO = Wet Mensgebonden Onderzoek)