Nursing students: 

Buurtzorg encourages all nursing students and their coordinators to focus on study-assignments focused on improving direct client care, rather than on policy and such. Students should be taught what policy is meant to achieve, which goals in daily practice are important. Buurtzorgteams are encouraged to handle research-questions of a less acacemic nature themselves so it becomes natural to be involved as a team. The idea is to not concentrate such research centrally through the Buurtzorg head office.

  • Interns temporarily working in Buurtzorg teams:
    please consult your field-coordinator in your team. Your fieldcoorinator may seek help from the internal senior-network about how to guide interns, also with regard to study-assignments.
  • Buurtzorgemployees who study to become a more certified nurse:
    please consult your field-coordinator. He / she may seek support from the internal expert-network about how to guide in study-assignments.
  • Students outside Buurtzorg: due to the large number of requests we have to choose to focus on internal students and we wish you luck on your study research with another organisation.


Students in university:

  • Buurtzorgemployees who study Nursing Sciences or other academic courses: for your masterthesis research please consult your field-coordinator, seek support on our online Community and see the ‘get involved’ section.
  • Non-employees who study Nursing Sciences or other academic courses: please contact us and see the ‘get involved’ section. 



Both groups of students can choose research topics freely. Still, it would be good to have topics in a certain line and fit with daily practice. While daily practice consists on care for unique indiviuals, certain main groups of clients can be distinguished. Students are therefore advised to focus on study assignments on the following clienttypes:

  • frail elderly
  • dementing elderly
  • discharged from hospital
  • chronically ill
  • palliative care / end of life care clients

As a guide in your study design, regardless of clienttype, please focus on:

A) One or more client's healthconcerns, problems and strenghts

B) Nursing interventions for A

C) Health related outcomes