There is a need for new knowledge in the home health care and social care sector.

Knowledge which is generated from a holistic view of good client care and best practices. Innovative ways of organizing, visionary governance and clever use of ICT are needed to provide home health care where professionals and clients are truly enabled to lead the way. Where professionals are encouraged to creative thinking and optimal use of possibillities. These are components of the Buurtzorg Model which together, have proven to be a best-practice.

Buurtzorg supports scientific studies that serve delivering good client care from Buurtzorg's 'whole systems thinking'. Studies on Buurtzorg, or which use Buurtzorgdata, should concern components of the Buurtzorg model. Studyresults should be placed in the right context: how is the result connected to the (components of) the Buurtzorgmodel? Studyresults should also have a strong link to practice; preferabley, we would like a practical report or a product which supports employees in daily practice.


Buurtzorgmodel and vision

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Client centricity, onionmodel

Nurse centricity, trust

Relationship-based care

Healing relationships

Leveraging networks

Neighborhood focused


Selfmanaging teams, coaches

Smart, user-friendly IT (


The onionmodel


Buurtzorg ICT system: